"It is essential to keep fluid by thinking irrationally, by challenging apparent evidence and accepted ideas—especially one’s own."

Edward Weston (1932)


A Residency in Oregon's Outback

Playa is a place of edges, tucked under a mountain ridge, leaning out into the marvelous playa, with its ever-changing canvas of land and water and sky. I couldn’t have predicted how deeply it would affect my spirit and art. I was in residence from November 7-18, 2016. Despite the harrowing election results, I was able to write 10 poems, one for each day of my residency.

In Praise of Obscurity At Ucross I met Eddie Davis, a young composer, who wrote this composition for penny whistle, based on the title of one of the poems I wrote in residency. The performance notes include this: "Perform the piece outdoors: discover a resonant spot -- perhaps near a reflective rock face or deep in a dense and wet forest--far from the sounds of urban life. Each system-- a gesture followed by a pause, lasts between 15 and 25 seconds. Listen passionately during the pauses."

Rothko chapel In October, 2015 I visited the Rothko chapel. While it is officially never closed, Houston experienced flooding in the days before our arrival, and the chapel was closed for the first three days we were there. I was finally able to enter the chapel and experience Rothko's dark murals.  Barnett Newman's scupture, Broken Obelisk, is in the foreground. It was dedicated to The Reverend Martin Luther King and originally intended to be given to the city of Houston. City officials declined the gift, and so it was installed in front of the Rothko chapel.

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